Terminal Info of Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI)

The airport operates through the single terminal with the total area of 6.3 square kilometers and which was constructed back in 1997. Four modules – Module A, Module B, Module C and Module D - serve both inbound and outbound flights. Notably, Module A serves domestic flights only and Modules B, C, D, in turn, serve international flights.

Palma De Mallorca Airport Terminals Map

Module A located at the north of the airport has 28 gates with 8 air bridges, some of which are double ones. The module is used during the summer time mainly and serves non-Schengen flights only.

Module B located at the northeast of the airport is the smallest module of all. It has 8 gates with no air bridges located on the ground floor. The module serves national Air Nostrum flights mainly flying to Ibiza Airport, Lleida Airport, Asturias Airport, Menorca Airport, Valencia Airport, and Santiago de Compostela Airport.

Module C located in the east of the airport is the largest module of all. It has 33 gates, 9 of which provide airbridges. The module serves Schengen flights mainly operated by Condor, EasyJet, and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Additional 8 air bridges will be constructed in the future, that will allow increasing the module operation efficiency.

Module D located in the south has 19 gates, 10 of which have airbridges. The module is used mainly to serve European flights.

The Executive Terminal area located in the southern area of the airport offers two management companies, Gestair and Mallorcair, that provide the area of around 250 square meters dedicated to their services only. Moreover, the Executive Terminal area comprises three different areas of the ground services offered to passengers, the car park with around 1.619 square meters of total area, the parking area for aircraft facilities with more than 49 stands available.

The terminal offers various services as luggage services: lost luggage, baggage wrapping machine on the 2nd floor, and bags for liquids on the 4th floor.

Banking facilities are available here as well, ATMs located on the floors 0 and 1 and currency exchange point on the floors 0 and 1 and at Module A.

Lost and found office is opened 24 hours 7 days a week and may be found on the floor 0 at the arrivals hall.

Information points on the floor 0 at the arrivals hall, floor 1 near the boarding gates, floor 2 near the check-in area, floor 4 near the departures hall will help passengers with all of their queries and issues. For specifically tourism-related question the one may find it easier to get the help from the Tourist information point on the floor 0 at the arrivals hall.

The post office is available here as well, on the 2nd floor near the check-in desks the one may send the letter to his/her relatives and friends.

People with the reduced mobility (PRM) may request the assistance of 48 hours in advance. The meeting points are located at various corners of the airport: at the car park building on the 4th floor, arrivals and departures forecourts, check-in area, and bus stop forecourt.