Departures of Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI)

While having only one operating terminal, the airport serves all domestic and international flights through four separate modules A, B, C, and D. That is why it is really easy for the travelers that visit the airport for the first time to navigate there.

Departures are operated throughout all of those modules depending on the airline providing the flights and whether the flight and Schengen or non-Schengen one.

The one shall arrive at the departures hall for some time in advance – 3 hours before the departure time for scheduled non-Schengen flights and 2 hours before the departure time for scheduled Schengen flights. The check-in desks are located on the 4th floor of the departure hall and are distributed by zones from A to F and from 1 to 204 desks.

The ‘Air Europa' airline offers its customers to use the automatic check-in machines to print out their boarding pass, that would allow them not to spend lots of time in the queue. Those machines are located on the 2nd floor and next to the check-in counters located on the 4th floor of the terminal. Those with the oversized baggage (bicycles, big bags etc.) will be given the appropriate luggage label and directed to the oversized luggage bay.

The majority of the airlines allow their customers to use the online check-in to then proceed directly to the security checkpoints after the boarding pass is given to the passenger. That option may be used only if the passenger has a carry-on luggage. All of the documents needed shall be printed out in advance.

After going through check-in desks, the one has to pass through the metal detector arch and give his/ her baggage or carry-on luggage to be checked through the x-ray inspection. However, the Fast Lane ticket may be purchased so that the one will spend less time at the queue.

If the one is flying to the non-Schengen destination, s/he shall go through the passport control. Passport valid for 6 months after the date of arrival, national ID card, visa, the vaccination certificate might be required. It is maximally easy to find the appropriate boarding gate as it is projected on the screens, indicating both the module and the gate, for instance, A1-28 or C50-59 etc. Sometimes the boarding process might take more than just going through the short walk through the gate to the airplane, the one might be obliged to take a bus transfer from the module to the aircraft.

Module A serves non-Schengen flights to the United Kingdom and Ireland in particular.  Module B is used by the national Air Nostrum airline mainly. Module C is used by the EasyJet, Condor, Niki, and Air Berlin airlines mainly. Module D serves most of the European flights.

The direct boarding takes place in four of the modules. The one may find the entrance to the Module A boarding gates at the Floor 0 and 1; Floor 0 for the Module B boarding gates; Floor 1 for both Modules C and D gates.

After going through the passport control and finding the proper boarding gate, the one may find the access to the cafes, restaurants, shops, duty-free area, book and press corners.