Palma De Mallorca

Palma De Mallorca Airport and City

The island is geographically divided into three parts by the mountain chain Serra de Tramuntana extended from south-west to north-east of Mallorca and Serres de Llevant 70 kilometers each. The Serra de Tramuntana in 2011 was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Since 1950s Mallorca has become the major destination for tourists from all over the world. That led to the economic development of the island, as the tourism has become the main part of the revenue for Mallorca. Notably, the tourists turnover has reached approximately 6 million tourists in 2010 and over 9.5. million tourists in 2013. The main part of the tourists is coming from Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Benelux, France, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland.

Mallorca is comfortably organized for the tourists to explore the landscape and its main sites. However, even though the majority of places are reachable by the bus, it is sometimes hard to find the transportation on Saturdays, during the lower season and during the night.

The Marivent Palace in Mallorca is the place of the residence for the Spanish Royal Family during the summer period. The palace is under the care of Government of the Balearic Islands. Rural areas are located far from the town centers, however, bus shuttles are available here to carry the passengers and guests of the island. Cars might be rented in advance and at the ‘car rental' desks in the Mallorca Airport.

Among the places, the one shall see when in Mallorca there is Palma de Mallorca, the island's capital, Serra de Tramuntana, Playa de Palma, Valldemossa, Port de Soller, and famous caves as the Dragon Caves.

Mallorca island might be reached by plane or even by boat. The one may catch a ferry to Palma from other Balearic islands, Barcelona, Denia Alicante or Valencia, from Palma de Mallorca it is better to take a bus or a car and ride to Mallorca directly.


Nowadays the airport manages around 178.253 aircraft movements and serves flights mostly to Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

During the summer period, the airport is capable of providing around 66 movements or dispatching 12000 passengers per hour and approximately 1600 movements per day/ 24 hours.

The airport has two runways, 3270 and 3000 meters relatively. The airport has only one terminal with the four separate modules – Module A for domestic flights, Modules B, C, D for international ones- the Mallorca Airport covers 6.3 square kilometers.

Module A is operating during the summertime only and has 28 gates that manage non-Schengen flights.

Module B is also closed during the winter and has 8 gates that manage Air Nostrum domestic flights mainly.

Module C is the largest terminal of the airport and has approximately 33 gates, 9 of which are handling airbridges.

Module D has around 19 gates, 10 of which are handling airbridges. The majority of the flights managed are flying across Europe.

The airport is conscious about the current state of the environment and, therefore, by using solar and wind energy it makes sure to reduce the gas emissions responsible for the production of the greenhouse effect. Moreover, a waste transfer plant was built to utilize all urban waste produced by the airport. Optimization of the water consumed, use of the recycled water for green areas watering, installation of hydrocarbon allowed the airport to reduce the consumption of drinking water without decreasing the quality of the services provided.

Airport Duty-free

The duty-free areas might be found at Module A on the 1st floor at the Departure Hall, at Module C on the 1st floor at the Departure Hall, at the Module D on the 1st floor at the Departure Hall and on the 4th floor at the Departure Hall.

The one may find there a wide range of best sellers from various categories as perfumery, cosmetics, drinks, food, and cigarettes. The opening hours are from 06:30 to 22:00, however, the duty-free area is closed completely during the winter period at Module A.

The opening hours of the second duty-free area is from 06:30 to 21:15 all year round.

The opening hours of the third duty-free area is from 06:15 to 21:30 all year round, however, some slight changes might be implemented depending on the season.

The opening hours of the fourth duty-free area, which is regarded as the main one, is from 04:15 to 23:00 during the low season and 24 hours a day during the high season of the year.

Among shops and brands represented at the duty-free are the one may find Swatch, Tous, A Box Of, El Market Mallorca, Hard Rock, Love me, Malabarium, Natura, Thinking Mallorca, Superskunk, Relay, Tutti Frutti, LOL Kids, Mango, Parfois, Sunglass Hut.

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Palma De Mallorca Airport on the map